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We’ve all heard the lecture at one time or another. “Those who go to a four year college will earn an average of one million dollars more in their lifetime.” Whether it’s through a teacher, guidance counselor, or other school official, they can’t seem to get enough of feeding us this same line time and time again. But with the surging costs of attending a four year college, who can afford to attend one without setting themselves up for a life of debt? That’s when I learned about the community college method. Because the first two years of college are almost entirely generic courses, they can be taken at a community college for a fraction of the cost, then transferred via the credit system to a traditional school. And best of all, some professions, such as wedding makeup artist Manchester and cosmetologist allow you to circumvent the college process entirely, opting instead for an inexpensive trade school. I’m sure glad I learned about that before I took out my student loans.